Therapeutic Ball Rolling
Yoga Village (Yoga Village), 240 Roncesvalles
Mar 11 - 4pm to 6pm
Apr 08 - 4pm to 6pm
May 28 - 5pm to 7pm
Pay What You Can
Recommended $25 - $40
Pre-Registration Required

Description   A great daily self-care practice, ball rolling acts as a counterbalance to stretching and strengthening practices by using the weight of your body to assist in self-massage. The practice will be personalized, as each attendee can suggest an area of their body to work with that is holding tension or pain. We will release tension in these suggested areas of the body during our 2 hours together, most likely groan a fair bit, and finish with a long restorative final rest! Suitable for all levels.
Practice level   Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Any
Activity level   Gentle